For ZAPP'S purposes, a pedestrian is someone who walks; pushes a stroller; rides a kid bike; travels by wheelchair or scooter; or otherwise moves under his own power.  High speed bicyclists are not part of the mission, though paths shared for regional mobility are certainly part of the plan.

1. Identify safer and more beautiful routes for walking and safe biking in our communities; document and publicize those routes:​​
NOTE: Zephyr Loops is a new addition, setting out 19 1-2 mile walking loops within the villagess of western Washington County.  The document includes both a map and a description of each route.
Mahtomedi Go Round Map
Go Round Walking  Instructions
Go Round - Historic and Scenic Sites
2. Identify unsafe locations and situations for pedestrians; research and propose solutions; help implement Safe Routes to School for children; 
Advisory Lane
Birchwood Rd.
Draft ZAPP Safety Scoring System
3. Locate through public records existing and available rights of way, easements, dedications and pathways; work for acceptance of these by authorities; ensure that they are defined, identified, preserved and protected.
History of State Hwy 244
MNDOT ownership of right of way
4. NeighborWays:  Identify locations where pathways on private land may help to connect the community; negotiate paths with landowners; document, construct and publicize these linkages:
NeighborWays Explained
Press Release
 NeighborWay 1
5. Complete the Unfinished: Identify links to connect and complete paths and trails; negotiate donations, rights of first refusal, easements, or other interests to ensure the connectedness of the community.  Raise funds as needed for these purposes, and encourage voluntary contributions.

Washington and Ramsey
  LAKE LINKS 2016 is an effort to complete the promise of the Lake Links project of 2001 and connect our communities.  The document at left is a map of the current
apparently safest route around White Bear Lake.  The greater intent is to compel MNDOT and others to provide a safe route for kids, pedestrians, bikes and the disabled.

Lake Links
Pedestrian Choices map
Lake Links Trail
No Need for More Right of Way